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Planning Resources
8th Grade Standards Coverage Checklist

K-12 ELA Standards Progression
DPS Lesson Plan Template

8th Grade ELA Standards
Material new to grade highlighted in bold

2017-18 DPS Grade 8 Course Overview

Core Vocabulary
Core 8th grade vocabulary (Flocabulary) list used on state ELA tests

ELA Grade 8 Two Pager Side By Side.doc
All strands of 8th grade CCSS on two pages.
DPS Grade 8 ELA Unit 1

Unit 1 Map Show Me Video
Unit 1 Performance Task Resources
Middle School Morphology Unit
DPS Grade 8 ELA Unit 2

Unit 2 Map Show Me Video*Note: The video says Unit 3 - but it IS for Unit 2: Research

Middle School Morphology Unit
DPS Grade 8 ELA Unit 3

Middle School Morphology Unit
DPS Grade 8 ELA Unit 4

Unit 4 Map Show Me Video

Middle School Morphology Unit

2017-18 Planning Calendars
Year-Round ELA Google Calendar

Traditional ELA Google Calendar

Concept Based Unit Ideas

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EngageNY Resources
Unit 1:Reading Closely & Writing to LearnFinding Home: Refugees
Unit 2:
Working with EvidenceTaking A Stand

Unit 3:
Japanese-American Relations during World War II

Skill Based Unit:Understanding Through Research
Above All We Had to Learn English: Immigration in Early 20th Century:

Unit 4: Sustainability of the US Food Supply Chain

Skill Based Unit:Evidence-Based Claims (Revisits texts from "Taking A Stand" Unit)

Note: DPS Units are written specifically to address unit standards.
Engage NY Units align closely, but not exactly to DPS Course Overviews.
Teachers should take care to ensure the inclusion of all required standards for the quarter.